Get Gutsy with Kate Bell

Australian model and yoga teacher, Kate Bell, certainly knows a thing or two about how to glow on the inside and out—which is why we were thrilled to collaborate with her as part of our recent launch for GLOW AGELESS Inner Beauty Essential – The Beauty Chef NZ

And, why we couldn't wait to feature Kate as part of our new 'Get Gutsy With' interview series, speaking with some of our favourite females about female empowerment and the lessons they've learnt along the way...

How Have Your Priorities Shifted With Age?

Now that I’m past 50, my priorities have shifted as I realise that life is finite and my number one priority is health. It’s how I feed myself and how I look after myself from the inside. That is my priority.

What Is One Hobby That Is Bringing You Joy Right Now?

Writing. While I used to write when I was younger, it’s all coming back now and I feel at this point in my life, I have a lot to say.

How Has Your Emotional Wellbeing Evolved Over The Years?

My emotional wellbeing has evolved since I was younger. I suppose I’m not as afraid to feel and I think that’s really healthy.

What Challenges—Emotional, Spiritual, Physical—Have Surprised You As You've Gotten Older?

The challenges are certainly physical, but because of that and the certain issues that naturally arise—you start to hopefully take better care of yourself.
Something that I’ve realised as I’ve gotten older is that everything that I’ve done to get to this point where I am—all the yoga practice, all the meditation, all the retreats, all of that sort of stuff—is starting to pan out in a way where I’m starting to feel really magic.
We often equate the term spirituality to Eastern therapies and practices, but really spirituality is just about being very available and if you put yourself in nature, you will just by being there, you will quieten down, feel peace, feel more grounded. And if that’s the only thing that you do in your life to find some sense of spirit and connection, then maybe that’s all we have to do.


GLOW AGELESS Inner Beauty Essential

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