5 Morning Rituals for a Calm Mood and Clear Mind

Whether you consider yourself a morning person or more of a night owl, these easy-to-achieve practices will combat overwhelm, cultivate calm and help you approach the day with confidence, clarity and energy... 

Opt Out Of Instagram

The temptation to scroll through Instagram as soon as you wake up is all too realbut there’s no post so urgent that it can’t wait an hour or two. Studies show that those of us who passively log on are more likely to take part in social comparison, which can negatively affect mental health. Give yourself a moment to be fully present before plugging inwe guarantee you’ll start your day feeling calmer and more positive.

Write A Little

Think of taking pen to paper as an organisational systemone that frees up your mind from the enormous task of remembering, processing and contemplating recent events. Your AM writing ritual need not be complicated or lengthysimply jot down three things you’d like to achieve throughout the day, three things you’re grateful for or three things you’d like to get off your mind. 

Get Grounded

We love a glass of warm water with fresh lemon as much as the next wellness warrior, but when you’re hoping to start your day feeling calm, collected and energised, reach for ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost. Inside every bottle of our new bio-fermented elixir, you’ll find adaptogenic superherbs ashwagandha, holy basil (known by many as ‘liquid yoga’) and licorice, as well as activated B vitamins which contribute to energy metabolism and help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Bonus: the naturally kola-nut flavoured concentrate refreshes tired-looking skin, calms the appearance of a ruddy complexion and contains sarsaparilla for digestion. Here at The Beauty Chef HQ, we’ve even swapped our morning oat milk latte for an ADAPTOGEN Ginger Frappe!

Make Your Bed

When your external environment is tidy and in order, you’re likely to feel more peaceful on the inside, too. A bit of a no-brainer, making your bed not only means you’ve achieved something before 9am but it can also help to quell any feelings of chaos or overwhelm that might arise as you greet the day (and your to-do list). Working from home? This simple practice is a serious game-changer.

Fuel Your Body

Steer clear of cereals that can mess with your blood sugar levels—leaving you feeling hungry, distracted and irritable—and instead, kickstart your morning with a balance of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein. So what should you be plating up? We recommend a tried-and-tested classic: pasture-raised eggs and avocado on sourdough. This beauty-boosting breakfast will provide a steady, slow-burning stream of energy—and it’ll even help you burn fat more efficiently throughout the day!