5 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

By Carla Oates

Do your Sundays quickly descend from bliss to dread? For some of us, the final hours of the weekend can bring up feelings of anxiety about the work week ahead.

Mondays are a part of life. We can’t change that. But what we can do is change the way we approach them. Here’s how.

1. Meditate

Setting aside a few minutes to stop, sit and breathe can help us become more present and worry less about what’s ahead. New to mediation? Insight Timer is an app that provides hundreds of free meditations, perfect for short or long time-frames, or even listening to as you fall asleep. Headspace and Calm are top-rated apps for guided meditations and even have courses you can sign up for on things like anxiety, stress and managing change.

2. Take Note Of Your Thoughts

When the Sunday scaries set in, what kind of thoughts run through your mind? If you’re stuck in a loop of negative self-talk, could you replace these thoughts with kinder ones? Try saying three things out loud that you are grateful for. 

3. Plan A Monday Treat

Pencil in something to look forward to like a coffee with a coworker, delicious lunch or after-work Pilates date with a friend. 

Add a bit of novelty to your workout routine by signing up for Classpass. Using Classpass, you can book a once-off class at a gym or studio near you, without having to sign up to an ongoing membership. It’s the perfect way to try that hot yoga studio you’ve always wanted to go to.

4. Romanticise Your Sunday Evening Routine 

Take a little extra self-care time on Sunday night to help set you up for the week. 

Try cooking a delicious dinner, making a little bit extra so that you’ll have healthy leftovers during the week. Our Pan-Fried Cauliflower Gnocchi with Creamy Pesto Sauce recipe is delicious and comforting but isn’t as heavy as traditional potato gnocchi. During summer, try our Blueberry & Cinnamon Smoothie as a Sunday treat.

You could also take a long bath, use a hair mask, indulge in an at-home facial, pour yourself a delicious Inner Beauty Boost Mocktail or throw on a mellow playlist. 

If you struggle to wind down, consider creating a delicious evening drink with ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost. This delicious bio-fermented elixir contains adaptogenic herb ashwagandha, along with vitamins B6 and B12, and can help reduce fatigue and recharge your energy when you're feeling stressed.

5. Go To Bed Early 

Mondays are all the much harder when you’re still recovering from Saturday night. Take some time to wind down with a good book and go to bed early so you can feel refreshed come Monday morning.