By Courtenay Turner

 Every day, the body works hard to process and expel all of the harmful substances that it encounters – but often, it could use a little support...

Due to the nature of modern life, the majority of us are surrounded by a cocktail of chemicals, pollution and pesticides every single day. When combined with a poor diet, chemical-laden beauty products and toxic household cleaning items, we can experience total toxin overload. 

As a result, the body can struggle to adequately eliminate these substances and over time, this can lead to a myriad of unpleasant symptoms and even contribute to long-term health problems. Thankfully, our bodies communicate quite clearly with us when they’re in need of a cleanse – it’s simply up to us to listen!

If any of the following symptoms sound familiar, your body might be telling you that it’s time for a little spring cleansing...

You Have Digestive Issues

A food baby every once in a while is nothing to worry about, but if you’re often bloated, gassy or nauseous, it could mean that there’s something wrong. Digestive issues may hint at an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, leaky gut, food allergies, intolerances, chronic stress, constipation, diarrhea or IBS. The liver sends processed chemicals to the bowels to be excreted, but if your bowels aren’t moving properly (as a result of your gut), your body cannot properly expel waste and toxins.


You’re Fatigued Or Listless

The liver is in charge of neutralising wastes and toxins – in fact, it’s the body’s chief detoxification organ. When organs like the liver are overburdened with toxins however, fatigue can be a common byproduct. As your body faces an ever-increasing build-up of harmful substances, it may struggle to devote enough energy to other important bodily functions, leaving you feeling tired and lethargic.


You Get Sick Often

Are you the person with the perpetual cold? If so, it’s likely your gut microbiome is out of whack. 70 per cent of your immune system lies in your digestive tract, so your immune health is heavily reliant on the state of your inner ecosystem.


You Experience Strong Body Odours

Bad body odour is one of the more embarrassing signs that your body needs a cleanse. While it’s normal to sweat, bad breath and noticeably bad BO are signs that your body is struggling to expel toxins.


You Have Problem Skin

Is your skin congested, dry or flaky? Perhaps you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis? The state of the skin is a good indication of what’s going on inside the body. If the liver is struggling to eliminate waste and toxins, the skin attempts to pick up the slack by pushing waste and toxins out through the skin cells (hello, body odour!). We can lather up with as many topical lotions as we like, but these are only temporary solutions. By supporting the liver in its job of detoxification, you’ll take the burden off your skin.


You Often Get Headaches

Unexplained headaches, migraines or “brain fog” are a common sign that your body needs a cleanse. While ongoing headaches are certainly worth investigating with your healthcare professional, you may find that your headache is also due to an overload of toxins in the body.


You Have A Metallic Taste In Your Mouth

Fish can be delicious, nutritious and convenient, but many varieties are also exceptionally high in mercury, which can leave a metallic taste in the mouth. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that accumulates in the body and can lead to long-term health problems. To avoid heavy metal build-up, be sure to consume fish that is both low in mercury and sustainably sourced.  


So, Your Body Needs A Cleanse…

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, you don’t need to lock yourself away in a toxin-free room to find relief. Fortunately, you can support your body’s natural detoxification systems and elimination pathways by making some simple and achievable lifestyles swaps. 

Avoid common allergens like wheat and dairy, as well as inflammatory foods like refined vegetable oils and sugar. Where possible, eat food that is organic or pesticide-free, drink clean, purified water and apply the same principles to any cleaning or beauty products that you buy. Dry body brushing and exercising regularly are also great ways to promote natural detoxification and lastly, give your body a helping hand with CLEANSE Inner Beauty Support  which supports the body’s elimination pathways. When combined with a healthy diet and holistic lifestyle changes CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder can help to bring your body back into balance.