As a brand, The Beauty Chef evolved very organically. Having experienced my own skin issues – suffering from eczema as a child – and witnessing the skin issues of my daughter as well, I quickly realised just how intimate the connection between our gut and skin really is.

For glowing skin, we need to first and foremost look at the state of our gut and nourish ourselves from within with nutrient-dense foods. Essentially, this is how my first product, GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, was born after I began experimenting in my own kitchen.

Created using 24 bio-fermented superfoods, prebiotics and probiotics, GLOW truly promotes radiant skin and perfectly illustrates our philosophy here at The Beauty Chef – that beauty begins in the belly.

As the range of products has evolved and expanded, this philosophy has remained at the core of what we do and all of the products are designed to work synergistically together so no matter where you are on your health and beauty journey, there’s a product designed to help you nourish yourself from within and address your specific skin concerns.

So, how are the three categories designed to work together?


Consisting of the GLOW and CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powders, these essentials products are designed to be the foundations of your inner beauty routine. If you were to think of them as topical skincare products, these would be your daily moisturiser. While both these probiotic-rich formulas promote radiant skin from within, CLEANSE is specifically designed for those who have congested skin and want to support their liver and digestion through a deeper detoxification process.


If the essentials range is your daily moisturiser, think of our boosts as your internal serums, working to target more specific skin concerns. We now have three inner beauty boosts in our range – COLLAGENANTIOXIDANT and HYDRATION. For anyone concerned about skin texture or fine lines, COLLAGEN is designed to help keep skin plump, whereas ANTIOXIDANT is great for those with a complexion that’s stressed, looking a little dull or sun-damaged. If you’re looking to boost cellular hydration from the inside out, try HYDRATION.


The final category consists of two complementary products to support your lifestyle concerns. Our BODY Inner Beauty Powder is a protein-rich supplement designed to bring the body back into balance and boost your metabolism, while SLEEP Inner Powder helps combat restlessness and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety. Just as you would apply your night cream, sipping on SLEEP before you head to bed is a great ritual to wind down and prepare the body for rest.

Have you got an inner beauty routine?