Ask Carla: What is the 3-Step Routine?

We get asked all the time how best to use each of our products and if they’re able to be used in combination. And the answer is, yes! Each product in the range is designed to work synergistically together, for maximum gut and skin-boosting benefits.

We’ve also tried to take the guesswork out and keep things simple. So, just like you have an outer beauty routine, our hope is that The Beauty Chef range forms your complete inner beauty routine...

Our Essentials range consists of GLOW and CLEANSE – and these can be thought of as your essential daily beauty blends, your inner beauty moisturisers. While CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder is great for detoxification or those with particularly congested skin, GLOW is a great maintenance powder, to promote good gut health and support skin rejuvenation.

Our Boost range consists of COLLAGENHYDRATION and ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boosts. These beauty elixirs are like your inner beauty serums and target specific skin concerns – plus, they taste delicious! To improve skin texture and promote collagen synthesis, opt for COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost. If you have dry skin and want to promote deep cellular hydration, try HYDRATION. Or, if you have stressed, dull or sun damaged skin, our ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost is a nourishing elixir that promotes naturally radiant skin.

The final step in your inner beauty routine should come from our Support range, which targets your specific lifestyle concerns. For those searching for a nutritious superfood supplement that helps to boost metabolism and support weight maintenance, BODY Inner Beauty Powder is a great option. While SLEEP Inner Beauty Powder is a delicious, nourishing nighttime tonic, designed to promote restful sleep and relieve mild anxiety and restlessness. Just like you would apply your night cream, think of SLEEP as a wonderful addition to your nighttime ritual.


What's your inner beauty routine? We'd love to know!