Get Gutsy With Carla: Why GLOW Is Still My Favourite Product

By Carla Oates

It’s been over 10 years since I launched The Beauty Chef with my very first product—GLOW® Inner Beauty Essential–and while the range has expanded exponentially in the last decade, GLOW® continues to be our bestseller. And, it’s still my favourite product!

Having experienced eczema and allergies as a child, I have always innately understood the powerful connection between gut health and skin health—but it wasn’t until my own daughter began to experience similar skin issues and I decided to put my whole family on a gut-healing protocol, that my passion and understanding of the powers of fermentation for gut and skin health really began to soar! I began lacto-fermenting skin-loving superfoods in my Bondi kitchen and in essence, this is how GLOW® was born.

At the time, the whole concept of inner beauty for outer beauty was completely foreign and GLOW® essentially launched an entire new category within the beauty industry. But as our community has continued to grow—and the science regarding gut health, the microbiome and the beauty of bacteria has begun to mount—it’s been a pleasure to see how people’s understanding and interest in gut health has also begun to blossom.

Every formula I develop is intended to innovate and offer a real solution for our customers—and while it’s tricky to play favourites as every product holds a very special place in my heart, I must admit that I still feel a little biased towards GLOW®. Here’s why…

GLOW® Makes You Glow

While GLOW® is truly a multi-tasking inner beauty supplement, at the end of the day, the effect it has on your skin speaks for itself! The secret lies in the complex formula and combination of potent wholefood ingredients that have been specifically selected for the skin health benefits. Firstly, it contains vitamin C which is essential for collagen synthesis and subsequently, plump, firm, healthy skin. As collagen naturally declines with age and vitamin C is also a nutrient our bodies are unable to produce on its own—it’s therefore incredibly important that we consume enough of this powerhouse nutrient daily. Other skin-boosting ingredients include biotin and niacinamide from organic sprouted quinoa—which help to maintain normal skin function and structure—as well as provitamin A, which is integral for cellular turnover. Our supercharged blend also contains an abundance of polyphenols from queen garnet plum, maqui berries and pomegranate fruit peel extract—potent plant compounds that support skin health by fighting free radicals and combating inflammation. 

GLOW® Supports Immune Health

To feel healthy, well and vital, we must nurture our immune system from the inside out. Enter: GLOW®. Containing vitamin C, zinc and provitamin A, my favourite beauty blend also supports your immunity, by providing a supercharged dose of these immune-strengthening nutrients. Vitamin C is perhaps the most well known, and is proven to support immune cell function—but it also protects our delicate epithelial barrier function, too—protecting us against pathogens and helping to combat oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals. GLOW® also contains 25 percent of your daily RDI of zinc, which is essential for normal immune system function—stimulating immune cells and protecting against oxidative stress. While provitamin A and its ability to combat inflammation also strengthens immune function by better equipping us with the tools needed to fight infection.

GLOW® Improves Gut Health

Beauty begins in the belly, after all—which is why GLOW® (and all of The Beauty Chef products!) has been formulated to promote improved digestive health. Our exclusive Flora Culture™ bio-fermentation process supercharges our wholefood ingredients and creates a natural, broad-spectrum probiotic to boost gut health. This process also makes the ingredients more bioavailable, which means the potent nutrients they contain become even more easily digested and absorbed by the body. GLOW® also contains an abundance of prebiotic ingredients, to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut and encourage their proliferation—as well as postbiotics, which have now been proven to deliver health benefits due to their activity on our immune system.

While I have used GLOW® daily for over a decade, I’m always humbled by the incredible response and results experienced by our customers! From acne to eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, congested, dry or dull skin… GLOW® continues to deliver results that are incomparable. I hope that you too can discover the benefits for yourself.

X Carla