Get Gutsy With Carla: Why I Created CLARIFY

By Carla Oates

When it comes to inner beauty—I often talk about how our skin is a great barometer for what’s going on inside our gut. And there’s no question that the current research regarding gut health also reflects this philosophy.

Whether you experience breakouts regularly or sporadically, we can all relate to that disheartening feeling that surfaces when we stand in front of the mirror only to be met with skin that’s angry, inflamed, irritated, sensitive or congested. For clear and healthy skin, we must therefore first turn our attention to our gut. While this approach is true for all of us—no matter our skin type or skin concerns—it is especially relevant if you’re suffering from inflammatory skin manifestations.

Poor skin can certainly knock our self-confidence and these types of skin issues can also be incredibly frustrating to treat and manage as their cause is often complex and driven by a number of factors—including digestive health, hormonal health and even environmental factors. It’s this collection of influences that ultimately inspired me to create CLARIFY Inner Beauty Support™—our brand new formula designed for those suffering from congested skin and breakouts...


What’s super exciting about CLARIFY is that it fills a gap within our Support range—offering a targeted solution for those wanting to reveal a calmer, more clear complexion. Containing a potent blend of wholefoods—including broccoli sprout, burdock and echinacea—every ingredient has been carefully selected for its skin-boosting benefits, working synergistically to help repair damaged skin, clear congestion and breakouts, support your skin’s delicate barrier integrity and provide real cell protection from free radical damage. We had excellent results with our consumer trial, with participants reporting a significant decrease in skin breakouts and congestion after using the product for at least eight weeks.

The formula contains 109% of your RDI of zinc—which is absolutely integral for skin structure and assisting with wound healing—as well as 200% of your RDI of vitamin C—which fortifies cells against free radical damage. But other key ingredients which we are excited to include are vitamin B5—which works to support hormone metabolismand provitamin A which assists with healing and supports skin and mucous membrane structure. 

As always, we have bio-fermented our ingredients using our exclusive Flora Culture™ process to further supercharge their benefits and ensure your microbiome receives a healthy dose of prebiotics and probiotics with every serve. Given that soothing, repairing and strengthening the gut is the gateway to glowing, healthy and clear skin—it was important to me to ensure that this formula also worked as hard for your microbiome, as it does for your skin. 

Unlike other powders, too, CLARIFY is sure to delight you with its delicious apple-cinnamon flavour!

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

X Carla