How To Upcycle The Beauty Chef Packaging

By Courtenay Turner

Upcycling is all about giving old or seemingly ‘useless’ objects new life. And while our food-grade packaging does a wonderful job of storing our Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts, there comes a time when it needs to be given a new lease of life.

While there’s no doubt that recycling our packaging is good, upcycling it is even better! Here are a few ideas to inspire you to do just that...

Make Overnight Oats

If you’ve got an empty GLOW™ or SLEEP container lying around, then you’ve got the perfect on the go breakfast vessel. These tubs are the perfect size for a delicious portion of overnight oats and, given that they’re made with food-grade plastic, they make for the ideal reusable container! Make a batch of our Almond Milk Bircher Muesli, and come morning, spoon one portion into the empty tub. Add your favourite toppings and voila – you’ve got yourself a cute, toteable breakfast!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Our Inner Beauty Boosts make for a great reusable water bottle. They’re cute, light and at 500mL, they make it easy to track your water consumption for the day. Keep one in the fridge and one in your bag so you’re never caught out. Alternatively, fill your empty Boost bottles with shampoo and conditioner from your local package-free store!

Store Dry Ingredients

Head to your local bulk shop and fill your empty tub of BODY Inner Beauty Support™ with your favourite grains, pulses, legumes, flours and baking ingredients. When it comes to whipping up your favourite dish, use the scoop to portion out the amount that you need. BODY containers are airtight and will help to keep your dry ingredients fresh and your pantry tidy.

Keep Your Keepsakes Safe

Use your empty Beauty Fix Balm to hold small pieces of jewellery, paper clips or even any vitamins or pills that you need to take. You can take the label off if you prefer, leaving you with a beautiful amber-coloured glass jar that’s perfect for home or travel. If you’re taking a short trip, why not add a few pumps of moisturiser, cleanser, soap or toothpaste to the empty jar? It’ll save you from having to pack bulky bottles in your bag!

Brighten Your Space

Got an empty bottle of our Probiotic Skin Refiner? Remove the label and the small plastic piece from the neck and you’ve got yourself a beautiful amber-coloured vase! Use it to display delicate little flowers and you’ll instantly brighten up even the dullest of rooms.