#TheGlowEffect Is Real (Don't Just Take Our Word For It)


We talk a lot about #TheGlowEffect here at The Beauty Chef HQ—but this is because we are consistently humbled by the amazing results experienced by you, our loving and loyal community! 

With over 1 million people experiencing incredible results from our formulas since launching in 2009, we thought the best way to explain just how delicious, nutritious and efficacious GLOW really is, is by sharing some of top customer reviews and testimonials.

If you’re yet to try GLOW for yourself, here are just some of the reasons to give it a go…

GLOW = Glowing Skin

One of GLOW’s most famed benefits is its ability to promote more radiant skin from within. This is because not only does it contain antioxidant-rich wholefood ingredients—like maqui berries, queen garnet plum and herbal extracts like pomegranate fruit peel extract—but it also contains up to 20% of your RDI of provitamin A which is necessary for cellular turnover, 200% of your RDI of vitamin C which is essential for collagen formation and protects cells from the ageing and damaging effects of free radicals—as well as activated niacinamide (vitamin B3) which is important for skin function and structure. Plus, with prebiotic, probiotics and postibiotics, it nurtures the gut and as we know, a happy gut = happy skin.

“Such a great product! I’ve used it for years and also get compliments about how glowy and bright my skin looks.” — Keilah


GLOW = Healthy Hair & Nails

Looking to grow more luscious locks? Well GLOW is a great way to support the strength and health of your hair and nails. Containing 50% of your RDI of zinc, GLOW also includes 25% of your RDI of biotin—key for hair and skin health.


“I’ve used GLOW for over 4 years now and absolutely love it. My nails, skin and hair have never looked better and since using GLOW I have a new vitality about me.” — Karen


GLOW = Improved Digestion

As we know, beauty begins in the belly®—which is why unlike your regular multivitamin or over-the-counter probiotic, GLOW contains an abundance of prebiotics (to feed the beneficial bacteria in your belly) as well as probiotics and postbiotics due to our unique fermentation process, Flora Culture™, which helps to breakdown our wholefood ingredients, increase their potency and improve the bioavailability of their nutrients for even greater results! Plus, GLOW contains The Beauty Chef’s exclusive probiotic strain, GUT5Y™, which is shown to support digestive health!


“I have always had a weak digestive system, but since taking GLOW regularly, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in digestion and I sleep better—an added bonus of this elixir!” — Diana K.


GLOW = Energy Boost

Perhaps one of its most underrated benefits is GLOW’s ability to support your energy levels! This is because GLOW includes naturally-occurring B vitamins such as biotin which helps with macronutrient metabolism (for improved digestive wellbeing) and energy production, as well as niacinamide which assists with energy release from food and the reduction of tiredness.


“GLOW firstly tastes delicious and it returned the brightness to my skin, evening out the slight redness I used to have. It also helps to sustain my energy, which really helps support me through the afternoon slump.” — Mindy


GLOW = Immune & Wellbeing Support

And finally, with vitamin C, zinc and provitamin A, GLOW is also a great immune support—meaning that if nothing else, a teaspoon of GLOW each day will give you the insurance that you’re taking a positive step towards improved wellbeing.


“It has been a total game changer in the way I feel… and there’s no lie in the name it speaks for itself—it really does make you GLOW!” — Tatijana A