What’s The Difference Between CLARIFY, GLOW & CLEANSE?


By Carla Oates

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may have noticed that The Beauty Chef’s range of inner beauty powders and elixirs has had a bit of a reshuffle recently with the addition of CLARIFY Inner Beauty Support.

While we have more products than ever before, we know it can also be understandably confusing trying to decide which one is best suited to your beauty, health and wellbeing concerns—and whether or not you can mix, match and enjoy them all in rotation. For the record, the answer to this last question is absolutely yes! But we’ll get to that shortly.

First of all, we want to make navigating our range as simple and seamless as possible— and one of the biggest questions we get asked at TBC HQ is what the difference is between GLOWCLEANSE and CLARIFY?

Here’s everything you need to know…


Pioneering an entire category, GLOW Inner Beauty Essential effectively launched the global inner beauty movement and although it’s been over a decade since its release—it continues to be our bestseller and is loved by naturopaths, nutritionists, doctors and gut health experts. Think of it as your daily multivitamin which has been specifically formulated to transform your skin, support your gut health and improve your overall wellbeing. 

Packed with nutrients—including 17 Certified Organic wholefoods like bio-fermented maqui berries and queen garnet plum as well as added pomegranate fruit peel extract—GLOW also contains vitamin C to boost collagen production (hello, plump skin!) and zinc for healthy hair, nails and immunity.  Biotin and niacinamide from sprouted quinoa—a skin-protective antioxidant that helps to keep skin supple, soft and smooth—as well as provitamin A which combats free radical damage and helps to reduce inflammation associated with skin ageing, round out this supercharged blend—which, as a final note, also contains an abundance or prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to nourish your gut and support your immunity and wellbeing from within. 

Enjoy this beauty daily simply stirred through filtered water or in your favourite smoothie blend. While delicious on its own, don’t be afraid to mix and match GLOW with the rest of our range as every formula is designed to work synergistically, to maximise the benefits of each other.

CLEANSE: The Greens Powder

Every inner beauty routine needs a hardworking super-greens powder in its mix and this is where CLEANSE Inner Beauty Support really stands out! Specifically formulated to give your body a supercharged dose of green nutrition, CLEANSE contains a potent combination of bio-fermented wholefoods, herbs and fibre to realign the body and naturally support its own cleansing processes. 

Whether you are looking to detox—which we can all benefit from time to time—you’re feeling a little sluggish from a period of overindulging (hello, lockdown baking!), or you simply want to add a dose of greens to your daily diet—CLEANSE is the perfect powder for you. Like all our formulas, CLEANSE also contains prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy belly as well as digestive enzymes to really boost its digestive benefits and ensure you’re in the best position to absorb all the key nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need daily to thrive.

Mix CLEANSE with GLOW and your favourite Boost for a triple dose of bio-fermented goodness—or enjoy the delicious apple flavour of this green beauty simply stirred through water.

CLARIFY: The Skin Clearer

Let’s face it, we all know when our digestive system takes a hit, so too does our skin and whether we have been formally diagnosed with a digestively-driven skin condition, or we are simply experiencing breakouts regularly that are proving tough to tackle with topical solutions alone—CLARIFY Inner Beauty Support is the new Beauty Chef blend you need to add to your repertoire. What’s the difference between CLEANSE and CLARIFY you ask? Well, while CLEANSE is a supercharged dose of greens to help support your body’s ability to eliminate metabolic waste effectively, CLARIFY is specifically formulated to tackle congested skin prone to breakouts by giving your digestive system the support it needs to gift you with clear, healthy skin. 

This blend contains hardworking ingredients like broccoli sprout, burdock and echinacea, as well as vitamin B5 (which has the added benefit of supporting hormone metabolism), provitamin A to bolster skin structure—as well as zinc which is essential for wound healing and more resilient, healthy and clearer skin.

What’s even better is that this clever powder tastes like apple-cinnamon—so you can be forgiven for wanting to savour every sip!

The Bottom Line

For optimum skin results, we recommend using GLOW and CLARIFY together, with CLEANSE as additional support if you want to add a dose of greens to your daily diet. However, if you are dealing with problematic skin that is prone to breakouts and could choose only one, we recommend using CLARIFY until your skin clears, then returning to GLOW as your daily inner beauty essential and skin maintenance powder.