Why GLOW Is the OG

Although many of us now consider our inner beauty products to be as integral to our daily routines as our topical skincare formulas or even eating a nourishing diet—it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, it was the launch of The Beauty Chef’s GLOW Inner Beauty Essential® that helped to create a new conversation within the industry and put ingestible beauty on our radar. While GLOW has undoubtedly stood the test of time since it first hit shelves in 2009 and has also developed somewhat of a cult following across the globe, we’re so proud of its humble beginnings—and as with all of our formulas, we hope that The Beauty Chef can continue to inspire you to think differently about health, beauty and wellbeing.

If you’re yet to try GLOW for yourself, here are a few reasons why GLOW is the OG when it comes to inner beauty….

It Pioneered The Inner Beauty Movement

Before GLOW, the concept of inner beauty was entirely foreign and there simply was no such thing as ingestible beauty. So as the first inner beauty product to come to market, GLOW paved the way not only for the world of inner beauty as we know it today—but countless other brands, products and inner beauty innovations that have transformed how we think about skincare in general.

It's A Supernutrient Formula

A common misconception about GLOW is that it is simply a daily wholefood powder—but the truth is, GLOW is so much more than that. Yes, GLOW contains an abundance of Certified Organic wholefoods—including maqui berries, queen garnet plum and herbal extracts like pomegranate fruit peel extract—but it also contains key vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as 200% of your daily RDI of vitamin C, 50% of your daily RDI of zinc, provitamin A and broad-spectrum B vitamins (including 25% of your RDI of biotin and niacidamide) which are scientifically proven to improve skin, hair and nail health, bolster gut health, increase energy and support our overall wellbeing. In fact, we often get asked why GLOW comes in powder form, rather than a capsule—and the truth is that the potency of its ingredients means that 1 teaspoon of GLOW would be equivalent to taking 15 vitamin capsules!

It's Fermented

What sets GLOW apart from other inner beauty formulas on the market is that it is bio-fermented using our exclusive Flora Culture Fermentation Process—in our very own state-of-the-art fermentation plant. This means that we have complete control over our processes and are able to ferment our bacteria to their peak concentrations (meaning more benefits for you!) and retain their bacterial metabolites (postbiotics). Sounds complicated, but essentially by fermenting our wholefood ingredients, we increase their potency and improve their bioavailability which enables you to better absorb and utilise the key nutrients in our formulas—and we create a natural, broad-spectrum probiotic that is proven to support gut health and glowing skin. We also have our very own probiotic strain—GUT5Y™—which is exclusive to The Beauty Chef and is backed by science for its gut health and skin health benefits.

It's The World's Most Awarded Inner Beauty Powder

From beauty and health awards to insider recommendations and endorsements by leading naturopaths and nutritionists—GLOW remains the world’s most widely awarded and recognised inner beauty products and is consistently our best seller for this reason.

It Delivers Transformative Results

More than anything else, we are so proud of the results GLOW continues to deliver to our customers. Since 2009 we estimate that more than 1 million people have experienced The Beauty Chef difference and with nearly 3000 glowing reviews on our website alone, the results speak for themselves. In fact, in a consumer trial, over 80% of participants reported improvements in their skin in just 30 days—with 83% speaking to the incredible digestive benefits and 77% also speaking specifically to improvements in their hair and nail health. We know how powerful just one teaspoon a day can be so we’d love for you to experience #TheGlowEffect for yourself!