How to build a 3-step inner beauty routine

By Carla Oates

The Beauty Chef Founder  

While you might be used to slathering on your skincare routine every day, the concept of an inner beauty routine is new for a lot of people—that’s where we’re here to help.

When I established The Beauty Chef in 2009, we became Australia’s first inner beauty brand—and we’ve been shining a light on how the gut affects our skin health and wellbeing ever since.

I've long suffered from eczema and allergies, and when my daughter began experiencing the same thing, I embarked on a gut-healing journey to remedy my family’s skin from the inside out. This led me to experiment with fermentation, creating the first iteration of GLOW Inner Beauty Essential® in my kitchen. And that's how The Beauty Chef was created.

Since then, The Beauty Chef has helped over one million people improve their gut health, leading to better digestion, radiant skin and increased vitality. 

Here’s how to create a three-step inner beauty routine using The Beauty Chef’s hard-working, glow-inducing products. Are you ready to feel super?


Step 1: Choose Your Inner Beauty Moisturiser

Think of our Essentials range as your inner beauty moisturiser and non-negotiable beauty powder to take once per day, every day.

I take my GLOW every single morning without fail—it’s so great for keeping your skin lovely and glowing and radiant. GLOW also helps support gut health as well as your energy levels throughout the day.

We also have GLOW AGELESS—a daily beauty essential specifically formulated for people aged 50 plus. It’s the perfect progression for those of you who have loved GLOW with additional ingredients to support bone and thyroid health.

Products: GLOW Inner Beauty Essential and GLOW AGELESS Inner Beauty Essential.


Step 2: Target Your Specific Skin Concerns

While our Essentials provide overall gut health, immunity, energy and skin benefits, our Boosts range consists of inner beauty serums that target specific skin concerns. 

Do you want to target skin texture? Try COLLAGEN.

Want to promote deep cellular hydration? Opt for HYDRATION.

Does your stressed, dull skin need support? Choose ANTIOXIDANT.

Is your tired-looking skin in need of a refresh? Try ADAPTOGEN. 




Step 3: Select Your Support Product

The final step in your inner beauty routine should come from our Support range, which targets your specific lifestyle concerns—so you can look, feel and be at your best.

Looking for a plant-based protein powder to help build, repair and nourish healthy muscles? Check out our BODY Inner Beauty Support

Need a boost of greens? Try our CLEANSE Inner Beauty Support to realign and support the natural cleansing process

Suffering from skin congestion and breakouts? Try our CLARIFY Inner Beauty Support

Need support with gut health and digestive support? Try our GUT PRIMER Inner Beauty Support

DEEP COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Support is a marine collagen supplement to support plump, firm skin - available in both unflavoured and berry

Need an immunity boost? IMMUNE FOOD Inner Beauty Support contributes to immune system function, collagen formation and contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin and nails


Step 4: Bringing It All Together

By this stage, you should have one Essential, one Boost and one Support product. These three formulas are the backbone of your inner beauty routine. If you’re unsure of where to start, talk to us via the chat function in the bottom right corner of The Beauty Chef site.